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Shenzhen Rock Electronics Co., Ltd.Shenzhen Rock Electronic Co. Ltd.

Shenzhen Rock Electronic Co. Ltd.

(Rock Electronic Co., Ltd.) was established in 1999, is specialized in providing precision time and frequency synchronization and system of national high-tech enterprises.

Rock Electronics is committed to providing customers with time and frequency-related products customized research and development, and the world's best quality resources for domestic customers to provide the most appropriate time-frequency program, products related to equipment, modules, software and systems integration and other fields.

The company has completely independent intellectual property rights of the software and hardware products, including: precision timing standards, test products and systems integration services, has been widely used in the Beidou navigation industry, vehicle equipment synchronization, communication base station time reference signal, deep sea sonar Measurement, oil and mineral resources exploration, geophysical survey, a new generation of smart grid communication system testing, CMMB, DVB digital mobile TV single frequency network and other fields. Companies with major domestic manufacturers of communications products, consumer electronics manufacturers and scientific research institutes, such as the establishment of a long-term relations of cooperation.

Is the designated agent of the United States Microsemi Inc., (acquired Symmetricom), Belgium Septentrio Inc., the United States AES, the United States Isotemp Research Inc., in the Chinese region, obtained by the manufacturer Of the sales and after - sales service in China.

Rock electronic efforts to provide users with comprehensive and thoughtful service, to become the most reliable partner partners.

Rock Electronics 2013, 2014 Top Symmetricom the world's highest level agents - diamond-level agents, and become the brand's largest global channel.